About the Mark West Union School District

Mark West Union School District is located in the Mark West/Larkfield area of Santa Rosa and encompasses the geographic areas of Fulton, Larkfield, Mark West and Wikiup. This unincorporated area lies between the city boundaries of Santa Rosa and Windsor.

Close to the Pacific Ocean, the Russian River, the city of San Francisco, and Sonoma and Napa Counties’ famous vineyards, the area provides a varied lifestyle with many opportunities for recreation and the arts. The surrounding hills and quiet neighborhoods create a wonderful environment for children to live and learn. Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College are nearby.

Mark West Union School District serves students from transitional kindergarten through 6th grade in its three elementary schools, Mark West, John B. Riebli, and San Miguel. Our District also offers a middle school experience at the Mark West Charter School for grades 7-8 and Mark West Home Study Program for grades TK-8.

Boundary Map of the Mark West Union School District

Our Mission

MWUSD, supported by an involved community, will personalize, engage, and challenge students to reach their highest academic potential. We are committed to providing a rigorous and inspiring educational program enhanced with music and enrichment opportunities.

Our Vision

Our students will receive an extraordinary education that will empower them to achieve their personal best, be prepared for the challenges of the future and become socially responsible contributing members of our community.

Our Core Message


All students means the full range of learners with special emphasis on the learning need of second language learners, special education students, those with learning differences, and advanced learners.

Standards Based

The focus of instruction should be on what students need to know and do at each grade level (as opposed
to ‘activities based’)


Curriculum will be comprehensive, research based, district adopted, systematic, and standards based, engaging, and sequential.


Instruction will be differentiated, with appropriate grouping, and with appropriate materials.


Assessment will be readily accessible, on-going, varied, and provide useful information to students, staff and parents regarding progress towards standards. A goal of an independent learner is to be able to assess their own progress.


Students will be grouped, schedules of all staff including specialists should be developed, lessons planned, and curriculum mapped so as to maximize all services.


All areas of instruction and support must be related to student success and must all be coordinated for maximum impact on student achievement.


Actively pursue the funding and resources necessary to fulfill our mission to maintain the fiscal integrity of the district.


Monitoring of student progress will occur at frequent intervals and the data should be used to differentiate instruction, inform parents, and design student support.


Students will first receive differentiated instruction in their classroom with further support available at both the school and district level.


Professional educators engage in reflection for self improvement, empower themselves as educators to improve student learning, work toward bettering their chosen field, and take responsibility for the outcome of their efforts. The Standards for the Teaching Profession are a vital part of this definition.


Professional collaboration will include time to analyze data, study student work, share professional expertise, and examine instructional strategies in relation to student progress towards standards.


Success is students seeing themselves as confident learners and good citizens. It is also all students achieving at or above the 50 percentile on CAT-6 as well as proficient or better on the CST, reaching district benchmarks, and earning a C or better in all grades.