Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers,

We want to welcome you back to a brand new school year; and, although these times are difficult and unknown our counseling support staff are here to support and help you in a number of ways.  We offer a variety of assistance in individual and group counseling services, in-classroom social/emotional instruction for students, and parent/teacher guidance and support.

This page is also intended for you to explore a variety of resources offered within Sonoma County.  In addition, you can also check out the website: click on educational services, and then counseling.  In this section, you will be able to access links to resources, powerpoint presentations, and other on-line instruction services including resources, toolbox strategies, and other mental health resources.  Additionally, please visit “Counseling Corner”, our new Counseling Blog located on the homepage of the website.  Here, you will be able to access quick links and videos to the most recent and relevant information!  If you or your student would like to talk with a counselor, please complete and submit the attached COUNSELOR REQUEST FORM.

We want this to be the utmost amazing year for your child.

Lionel Cooper and Antonio Garcia (Bilingual)

Mr. Cooper may be reached directly at 707-341-6611

Mr. Garcia may be reached directly at 707-583-1598

Both counselors may also be reached at the numbers/extensions listed below.

John Riebli Elementary:  707-524-2980 x3144

Mark West Elementary: 707-524-2990 x1516

Mark West Charter Middle School: 707-524-2741 x2144

San Miguel Elementary: 707-524-2960 x2177

About Our Program

Goals of the Elementary Guidance Counselor

  1. To assist students in understanding themselves.
  2. To provide crisis support when needed.
  3. Help develop strategies and plans based on the child’s strengths,
    challenges, and needs.
  4. Help students learn to become more cognizant of the consequences of
    their behavior.
  5. Support students to become successful and self-aware learners.


  • Classroom Guidance Lessons TK through 8
    • ToolBox
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Communication Skills
    • Resolving conflicts
    • Cyber safety
    • Bullying Prevention
    • SOS – Signs of Suicide (Gr. 6 through 8)
    • Human Trafficking  (Gr. 7 and 8)
  • Individual Counseling
    • Managing Anxiety and Depression
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Self Awareness and Goal Setting
    • Trauma
    • Family Support
  • Group Counseling
    • Newcomer Groups
    • Friendship Groups (K-3)
    • Topic Groups: Grief, Divorce
    • Academic and Emotional Support
    • Social Skills Group (4-8)
  • Parent Consultation
    • Parent conferencing
    • Parent workshops
  • Staff Consultation
    • Conferencing
    • Collaboration and Support
  • Community Outreach and Referral Resources
  • Other Programs 


Listed below are community resources that support families and children in need.  If you have a specific question about resources, please contact Lionel Cooper ( or Antonio Garcia (   
Additionally, Sonoma County residents may call 211 from a landline and ask for information about any resources or questions that they might have.  Their website is and the phone contact is 707-565-2108.
Sutter Hospital – Psychiatry

Provides mental health counseling and support for those who have insurance through Sutter.

30 Mark West Springs Road

Santa Rosa, Ca 95403


Kaiser Permanente – Child Psychiatry

Provides mental health counseling and support for those who have insurance under Kaiser Permanente.

2235 Mercury Way #240

Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Sonoma County – Crisis Stabilization Unit

ACCESS Team and Behavioral Mental Health

Conducts mental health assessments and screenings for kids who are at-risk or danger of hurting themselves. This agency is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2225 Challenger Way

Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa

Provides resources and support for families in need.

987 Airway Ct.

ilies in need.Santa Rosa, CA 95404


YWCA – Domestic Violence

Offers support and resources for persons who are dealing with domestic violence.

1128 Edwards Street #A

Santa Rosa, CA


Counseling Support Services – Contact Kathy for Intake – Families and Children


COTS (Shelter for Homeless)

Provides resources and support for families in need.

900 Hopper Street

Petaluma, CA 94952


Living Room of Santa Rosa (Shelter for Homeless)

Provides resources and support for families in need.

636 Cherry Street

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


California Parenting Institute

Agency provides mental health counseling and support for families, parents, and children. Offers parents classes in both Spanish and English.

3650 Standish Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Parents Place

Agency provides parents and family support.

1360 North Dutton Avenue, Suite C

Santa Rosa, CA 95401


SOS Community Counseling

Provides mental health counseling for families, parents, couples, and children.

319 South E Street

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

707 284-3444

Redwood Empire Food Bank

Provides food for those families in need.

3990 Brickway Blvd

Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Hospice Referrals

The following are two agencies that provide bereavement support groups for children who have lost a parent or significant adult in their life.

Sutter Hospice

110 Stoney Point Rd Suite 110 

Santa Rosa, CA


Memorial Hospice

439 College Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

T: 707-568-1094

Parent Guide to Helping children impacted by Wildfires

SAY Free 8-week counseling groups for youth and parents

CA Hope Brochure – English

CA Hope Brochure – Espanol

From Our Counseling Team

Given the widespread protests occurring in communities across the country, we wanted to provide resources to families who want to hold conversations with their children about race, racism, protests, and riots. We understand that these may be heavy topics and we are in no way endorsing any parenting approaches, but we wanted to lend support for those wanting to hold these conversations with their children.

Attached you will find links to books, tips, and articles that are appropriate for elementary students. Feel free to preview the resources to decide which ones are more appropriate for your family.