The MWUSD provides social and emotional support to our students and families through our Counseling Program. Our Counseling Team includes:

Lionel Cooper, Counselor
Antonio Garcia, Counselor

About Our Program

Goals of the Elementary Guidance Counselor

  1. To assist students in understanding themselves.
  2. To provide crisis support when needed.
  3. Help develop strategies and plans based on the child’s strengths,
    challenges, and needs.
  4. Help students learn to become more cognizant of the consequences of
    their behavior.
  5. Support students to become successful and self-aware learners.


  • Classroom Guidance Lessons TK through 8
    • ToolBox
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Communication Skills
    • Resolving conflicts
    • Cyber safety
    • Bullying Prevention
    • SOS – Signs of Suicide (Gr. 6 through 8)
    • Human Trafficking  (Gr. 7 and 8)
  • Individual Counseling
    • Managing Anxiety and Depression
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Self Awareness and Goal Setting
    • Trauma
    • Family Support
  • Group Counseling
    • Newcomer Groups
    • Friendship Groups (K-3)
    • Topic Groups: Grief, Divorce
    • Academic and Emotional Support
    • Social Skills Group (4-8)
  • Parent Consultation
    • Parent conferencing
    • Parent workshops
  • Staff Consultation
    • Conferencing
    • Collaboration and Support
  • Community Outreach and Referral Resources
  • Other Programs 

From Our Counseling Team

Given the widespread protests occurring in communities across the country, we wanted to provide resources to families who want to hold conversations with their children about race, racism, protests, and riots. We understand that these may be heavy topics and we are in no way endorsing any parenting approaches, but we wanted to lend support for those wanting to hold these conversations with their children.

Attached you will find links to books, tips, and articles that are appropriate for elementary students. Feel free to preview the resources to decide which ones are more appropriate for your family.