The MWUSD offers a variety of programs for students requiring additional support. For inquiries regarding these programs and/or assessments, please contact:

Lisa Warne

Director of Instructional Services


Phone: (707) 202-6440

Fax: (707) 524-2976

Kelly Sansone

Assistant to the Director of Instructional Service


Phone: (707) 202-6440

Fax: (707) 524-2976

Angela Somawang

School Psychologist


Phone: (707) 202-6440

Fax: (707) 524-2976

How are MWUSD special education educators engaging students with disabilities during the pandemic?

You are invited to view this short video that explains how our specialists are handling distance learning and how students with special needs are responding to remote learning.

Special Education Staff

Carolyn Alarie, Education Specialist

Jessica Boelter, Occupational Therapist

Angela Claypool, Education Specialist

Lionel Cooper, Counselor/MFT

Annie Ebiner, School Nurse

Antonio Garcia, Counselor

Debbie Groff, School Psychologist

Brenda LeBrun, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

Erin Leet, Education Specialist

Kara LeMieux, Education Specialist

John Mingo, Adapted Physical Education

Eve Rouverol, Education Specialist

Kelly Sansone, Assistant to the Assistant Supt. of Educational Services

Angela Somawang, School Psychologist

Janis Sowell, Speech Language Pathologist

Rachel Valenzuela, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Erica Wheeler, Education Specialist

Philip Worms, Education Specialist