2023-2024 Online Enrollment for NEW students in 1st – 6th Grade and Incoming TK/Kindergarten students is OPEN!!!!!!  Please go to http://markwestusd.aeries.net/air/ and follow the steps.  Please select “2023-2024 Pre- Enrollment” from the drop down option.

Kindergarten: Child must turn 5 on or before September 1, 2023

TK: Child must turn by between September 2, 2023 – April 2, 2024

Questions regarding Online Enrollment may be addressed to Marcia Noxon at 707.524.2970 or by email at mnoxon@mwusd.org

Parent Tours are available by contacting the school site’s office directly!


To complete Online Enrollment for NEW students in grades TK-6th for the Current School year (2022-2023) please go to:  http://markwestusd.aeries.net/air/

SELECT the “Current School Year 2022-2023” option from the drop down

**Kindergarten (child’s birth date must be on or before 9/1/17)

**TK (child’s birth date must be between 9/2/17- 2/2/18)

Questions regarding NEW TK-6th online enrollments may be addressed to Marcia Noxon at mnoxon@mwusd.org or by calling 707.524.2970


2023-2024 Online Enrollment for the Mark West Charter School has closed.  Please contact Office Manager, Nikki Dale, at 707.527.2741 regarding any questions you may have.