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Introducing Angela Claypool!

A member of the Mark West Union School District family for 16 years, Angela is the Resource Specialist at San Miguel Elementary.
Angela has spent most of her career in education working with students with special needs; she feels passionate about helping them learn and share their unique strengths.  Angela’s desire to create new curriculum and make learning accessible for all students invigorates her as an educator.  Angela cherishes the moments when students feel safe to take risks in learning; the moments she has the privilege of witnessing students discover the confidence, strength, and beauty in their diversity.
Temple Grandin stated, “The world needs different kinds of minds to work together”; an adage which Angela believes as well.   For her, the ability to support so many different kinds of minds, on a daily basis, even when limited to Zoom, is all she could ask for in her career.
In her spare time, Angela cuddles her two pups, practices yoga regularly, enjoys reading , and remembers her calm in the woods or the desert; she finds it particularly exciting when she gets out on a mountain with a pack on her back.